Margot Robbie didn’t expect harley quinn to become a model for anyone: “she’s kind of psycho”


One of the films that were due in 2020, Birds of Prey: harley quinn, and her Emancipation is Fantabulosa not only is it directed by a woman, but also brings in a team of anti-heroes in the spotlight. On a visit to Brazil at the end of last year, to the director at Her Side, accompanied by the actresses, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rosie Perez, Jurnee captain smollett-Bell, Ella Mason of the Basque country, and, of course, Margot Robbie, spoke precisely about the importance of the role of women today… even if the women portrayed are not necessarily good examples to follow.

“When I interpreted for the Harley, for the first time, I never thought that it would be seen as a role model for anyone. I mean, it is kind of a psycho,” said Margot Robbie, during a press conference held in Sao Paulo, brazil. The actress, who lives in the best thing that’s problematic The Squadron’s Suicideyet it is hard to say what his character has become a phenomenon in the world is so big and gained so many fans from all around the world. For some reason, a lot of people see her as a role model, maybe, for it to be perfect”. The actress herself has stated that she feels the pressure to pass a message that in today’s world, but it also means that, at some point, you need to be in the world, and the characters are the way they are.

Such A lack of “weakness” when it comes to women in pop-culture have also been approached by a captain smollett-Bell (a Robin Black, who is said to be tired of seeing women irretocáveis in the “honeymoon”. “Where are those villains, the crazy ones, the ones that make the decision wrong as a whole human being. “We wanted to show real women with flaws, shortcomings. I’m tired of seeing perfect women in the movies. Cathy has done this very well, from the casting to the way the story has been told,” said the actress.

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This standard has also been discussed by Perez (Renee Montoya), but the actress made it a point to make it clear that, in addition to this, there is also a variety of very important in The birds-of-Prey. “The cast is predominantly multi-ethnic, and behind the scenes as well. The fact that we are strong, we are fighting against the villains, it’s just the icing on the cake. These women are very complex and are not dealt with as objects by the camera,” he said.

Your character is a police officer, well-competent in the Comics, it’s older than the rest of the time in the movie, and you’re in an environment where you are constantly harassed by the men, despite being extremely capable. “She’s not ready to give up, even if it is, it often is. She found the strength to move forward. Do you have to say, ‘I’m going to make my own path”, concluded the actress.

In fact, as well as a Harley, with all the characters trying to find their own way and it is very significant to note that, the villain (Black Mask, which will be lived by Ewan McGregor) has to have the desire to put them on. The white men wanting to control women who did not bow down to their fields… don’t you remember anything?

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Has traditionally been seen through the eyes of the male characters, from Gotham City gets a new look for the camera in Hand. “In this movie, it was nice to explore a new facet of the city’s more colorful,” said the director. This is a Gotham harley quinn, and all the things that are different – this is clearer in the new trailer shown just in the CCXP, the fact that she has a kind of glow, not of blood, when Shaggy throws it at someone.

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Speaking of shots, and action sequences, usually we’re used to seeing at events, in the men, in response to a question about how to get prepared for the streams of the beat ‘ em up, shooting, fighting. When asked about the matter, the director said that he was proud of the squad for their efforts on these specific activities. “These women have incredible abilities, they trained for months, and they did almost all of the action scenes without having to remember the time,” said Yan.

According to the filmmaker, this effort has been critical in the long shots of porradaria present in the film. It did take great. Learned the choreography in the action scenes whole,” he said to her, remembering, of course, ONE of those scenes of life that was particularly difficult, but he could not describe the happiness which is because it would be a spoiler. 😉

Yet the question concerning their physical abilities, Know, added, that, each character has their own fighting style, and that it will be very interesting to see it on the screen. “We show how each character, how they complement each other when working together. They are a force you can’t stop it,” he said. Smollet-Bell, wrote for the question by saying that it is fantastic to be able to use their body in a sexually involved. “One of the things that’s really cool to be an actress is to do things that make you grow. It was empowering to be able to use our bodies as machines, and no objetificá them,” it finished.

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It’s very exciting to see the new direction that DC is taking a series of shit in his recent past. And it’s even more exciting to see women taking the reins of the universe, and offering different looks in front of and behind the camera. As He even said, “feminism is not just for women, it’s about equality, and nothing could be more just than also being able to see women doing whatever the hell they want to.