Margot Robbie wants to do a movie, from the Characters to Gotham City


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Birds of Prey: harley quinn, and Her Emancipation is Fantabulosa arrive at the circuit in the world today, and it comes with positive reviews from the specialized press. The film, directed by Margot Robbie it is at the moment, with a pass rate of 87% of the site Rotten Tomatoesa great thermometer that will be his career in the theaters.

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But a fan is one thing, the movie didn’t even come yet, and all of you are curious about the potential for a sequel, which may or may not involve a different group of women from the DC to the The sirens of Gotham Citywhose the most famous in the comic book is in Cat Woman, Poison Ivy and, of course, is the Harley quinn.

In an interview with the web site ScreenRant, Margot Robbie it was obtained from a film of the The sirens of Gotham City it could be a sequence of The birds-of-Prey or if you think that the Birds were already in work, as well as a franchise of its own. She said:

“I don’t know. I want to tell you, that’s for sure, it would be interesting to pursue, and I’m still interested in it. I don’t know your opinion of them, or what they want to do with it, but this is a relationship in which I would love to see harley quinn, for sure.

But I think I like it as it is in the comics, a lot of these movies, you can be left alone. And we tabemos it. ‘All right, it is still all His, and they are still the same characters, but from the view of a director in a different way’”.

Although you have an interest in a film The sirens of Titandoes not seem it will happen anytime soon, given that it has been postponed indefinitely by the Warner Bros. The same goes for the movie Main article:another character that fans are really asking for it to be introduced in the film.

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