Margot Robbie was “in a panic” at being asked to read a speech of Pitt


Binspired by the Interview, was the winner of the prize for the Best The actor The secondary anniversary of the AUCTIONthat took place on Sunday, November 2, Februaryin London, uk. However, the way I knew it wasn’t going to be able to be present at the ceremony, pointed to his co-worker, Margot Robbie to come on stage and accept the trophy for themselves, by giving him a mission to read his or her speech.

Margot admitted that she was very nervous, because you have to read the speech of his friend, in such a way that the “not knowing” to prepare for his own speech, at once th at he was nominated twice in the category best of the Best Actress In the secondary, for the study of two films from director Quentin The world (‘Bombshell’ and ‘once upon A Time In… to Hollywood’).

To take part in the program ” Good Morning America, and the actress he said: “It’s [Pitt]I had asked the night before to read your speech because I couldn’t be there, but I was in a panic and not thought of in the making”.

“Only when I was in the car, I remembered that I was nominated twice within the same category, and I’m the kind – I hope I’m not being a winner, because I don’t know what to say,” he said.

Margot didn’t take the award home, because it was Laura’s Dern the big winner, with her work in ‘Another Story’.

The speech of Pitt, and it turned out to be one of the best moments of the night, this is because of the the actor he made a joke with the departure of the prince Harry of the United Kingdom.

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