Marvel reveals the secret of “Thor” in the Avengers: Infinite War


The avengers: Infinite War opens with the battle between the Marvel heroes against Thanos. The one that catches the attention of the fans of different heroes and become a partner.

One is the case for Me. The God of Thunder, along with Rocket Raccoon and Groot, for a trip into space – he ends up with the production of the Breaking Storm.

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The scenes in which a gun is produced, and the arrival of the trio, Wakanda is the most favorite among the fans of the Marvel universe. First of all, though, I know all the heroes, and tells her that he understands Groot and that, in fact, it was a joke.

On Twitter, the ceo of Marvel comics, James Gunn, has finally revealed himself, if I understand Groot. The answer is that the God of Thunder couldn’t figure out the hero of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

“I was making a joke as he was prone to do, when he said that Groot was in a field of study. Being a God means that it does not provide the same level of understanding, which the Guardian has a de Groot,” said the director.

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And with that, I changed the music. In the Comics, when Marvel’s God of Thunder, has the ability to speak any language – it does not seem to be the case in the movie.

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Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, is still around to Marvel after the Avengers: Ultimatum. The star of the MCU, it is confirmed to Me of Love and Lightning.

The story raises a lot of curiosity among the fans of the label. First, which version of the hero appears – the last one was the one I Fat.

In addition, the film of Marvel’s returns are important. Natalie Portman is back as Jane Foster, who takes over the mantle of the god of Thunder.

Tessa Thompson also returns as a Valkyrie. Fans of Marvel comics will want to know who is the girlfriend of the character in the MCU, as indicated by the producer in the studio.

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In the end, Christian Bale will be seen as the villain in ” Thor: the Love and the clap of Thunder. The character has yet to be revealed.

The direction and the script are in with Taika Waititi.

I Love, and the Thunder is scheduled to debut in February 2022.