Natalie Portman is the new Thor? To understand this story


The panel for Marvel Studios at San Diego Comic-Con, it was the most amazing fans you could ever imagine. Even if they do not we’ve seen the Fantastic four or the X-Men, too many ads, one caught our attention, but there is one that shines through in a way more distinctive than all the others. At one point in the presentation, on the last Saturday (the 20th), the director Taika Waititi and stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson took the stage to talk about the recently announced fourth film in the “Thor”.

Here are the movie earned her the official title, ” Thor: the Love and Make up for that in the word by word translation would be something like: “I Love and Thunder.” But the bomb came when Hemsworth was announced that the film would introduce a female version of the God of Thunder, Jane Foster, and that it will be lived out by none other than Natalie Portman, who played the character in two early films, land of Thor, and now it’s back to USING full force. This is a surprising news, it turns out that the output of the show after the ” Thor: The Dark World was far from peaceful, with the actress getting dissatisfied with the handling of the studio in relation to Patty Jenkins, who would be the first choice to direct the film.

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Apparently, they are water under the mill. Portman appeared on the stage of Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, and it literally took up the Mjolnir, and the fans have begun to speculate on what this will mean for the next film from Taika Waititi. Of course, those who know about the comics, don’t you think that’s a bit strange, because the idea of Jane Foster, take up the hammer of Thor, and becomes the new Goddess of Thunder has already happened in the Comics.

The origin of the god of Thunder, in the Comic books

The story of Jane Foster, takes on the powers of “Thor” begins in Thor: God of Thunder #12, when she is diagnosed with breast cancer at a later stage. Returning to Earth, Thor had insisted that he let her take you to Asgard where you could use magical means to heal it. However, being a woman of science, she refused to be treated for trying to do everything that is possible on this Earth. When I lose a battle as important and, in the process, he becomes unworthy to lift Mjolnir, he is she is Jane’s Daughter, who raises it, thanks to the kindness of his heart, is born the god of Thunder.

As the heroine, Jane, has faced some of the villains in the iconic God of Thunder, such as Malekith and the Giants of the Frost, providing a level of control of Asgard, which is the own I had ever been demonstrated. She was able to free up the skills of the hammer, which has never been used by the Son of Odin. And it has begun to attract the attention of the asgardianos, and soon embarked on a campaign to try to control his power, and to throw down a challenge to it, without the knowledge of who he was, and the woman who was now in possession of Mjolnir. When Thor finds out that she was the one, he withdraws from the conflict and accept that your loved one will be the new Goddess of Thunder.

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In between his adventures, but Jane Foster has passed a new version of Secret Wars, and even joined the Avengers — including having an affair with the Captain America and Sam Wilson.

What can we expect from Jane Foster by Natalie Portman, as Thor in the MCU? Finally, in the studio, you may want to take advantage of the great talent of an actress, it always goes to waste in a riot of silly in the first film of the hero. We will be able to see Portman as one of the next big champions of female in the MCU, and is already laying the groundwork for a dream the movie of The Force.

And getting to know the work of Taika Waititi, there is another thing that’s very interesting what happens to Jane in the comic books. In the latest arc of the War from the Realms, she becomes a Valkyrie, and I have no doubt that this can happen, it turns out that the mysterious Tessa Thompson), is also in Love, and Thunder. As someone who has an interest in the further adventures of Thor, the man responsible for ” Thor: Ragnarok, I must admit that I’m a little more curious.

Me: Love and Thunder, released in theatres on November 5, 2021.