New concept art for ‘Sonic,’ and reveals that Chris Evans would be part of the movie


Now ‘Sonic: The Movie’ went from a troubled production to a consistent, feature-length film about the first concepts began to emerge on social media.

Recently, a conceptual art in the year 2018 has been posted on Twitter revealing that the Chris Evans (the spider-man franchise ‘The avengers’) he took part in the film as the Tone of the paper which would eventually be destined for the James Marsden.

The picture also shows that it is a bizarre, lizard, witch would be the villain of the piece in the place of Dr. Eggman Robotnik.

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In spite of the controversies, the early appearance of the game, the live action was a first, but the sound of the $ 68 million at the end of the holiday in the U.S., the film broke the record for the BIGGEST debut for an adaptation of a video game in the country over the release of ‘theThe Detective Pikachu‘ (The US$ 54.3 million).

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Internationally, the film raked in The US$ 43 million across the 40 markets, including Brazil, where the film has grossed $ 3 million), with an debut to the global Of US$ 111 million.

In the end, the audience gave a long for a note, which shall ensure the stability of production in the next few weeks.

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The story revolves around Sonic as he tries to adapt to his new life on Earth with his new best friend, a human police officer, Tom Wachowski (James Marsden). Dr. Tom, are joining forces to try to stop the villain, Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) to capture the Sonic and use his powers to dominate mankind.

Ben Schwartz (‘Parks and Recreation’) his friends of the previous one. The cast also has a Adam Pally and Neal McDonough. The direction of the Jeff Fowler.

Patrick Casey and Josh Miller sign up for the tour.

It was first introduced in 1991, the game is over ‘Sonic‘ we’ve sold over 360 million copies in various formats.

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