Pregnant, Katy-Perry-takes fright and takes drastic measures on the coronavirus


katy perry
The us singer Katy Perry (PHOTO: Playback)

The pregnant woman, the singer Katy Perry put on a full quarantine, after leaving Australia in the midst of the scare caused by the spread of the coronavirus in their social circle. To the extent that the pandemic is growing around the world, the 35-year-old decided to cut off completely, and you’re not running any risk.

I had been to the australian capital of Sydney after performing in a show, a competition, a sport that is dedicated to the relief of the forest fire in the country. However, soon after, the singer has been placed under quarantine for 24 hours in a hotel in Sydney on the Thursday, after only a couple of people from the head office of the australian international Music, having been exposed to the virus.

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Pregnant, Katy-Perry-it takes the scare involving the coronavirus, and decides to escape


The staff has been instructed to immediately put in quarantine,” in the middle of the jump. So Katy Perry decided to cancel the audition, a musical suite that would be going on in Redfern and also in interviews with the media. The meeting was a festive and private sectors that would be given by the singer should have more than 30 staff members, international members of the media to discuss the news of the upcoming album of the singer.

There are 194 confirmed cases of the COVID-19th in Australia, and since last Friday afternoon, three people have died due to the virus. An important detail is that I came to live at the Park Hyatt hotel, the same location where Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have stayed in the last few days. An american actor, as we all know, has tested positive for the virus, as well as his wife, while they were in Australia.

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A photographer said to the Daily Mail, which I did not left the hotel all day on Thursday, as it remained isolated, but their Stories on Instagram indicated to the contrary. Although it is not yet clear when the photo was taken, or if I pulled it out of her, the singer posted a picture of a cruise, with the Sydney Opera House in the background, and the word ‘WATER’ written in the sky reminding all australians to wash their hands.

The singer, who is currently expecting her first child with fiance Orlando Bloom, he came out to Australia on Friday morning on a flight from the airport in Sydney, australia. I have traveled to the U.S. to be reunited with the star of the film.

Orlando revealed on Thursday, have been sent back to his home after having attended the sessions in the set of the filming of the series, Carnival Row, and the production of Amazon Prime, which is a part of the team. All of the actors and members of the staff of the show have been ordered to return to the Czech Republic (Europe) back to the house.

“It seems like a crazy thing, this thing, for the crown, but to do the right thing for you and your family stays safe and, in a couple of weeks, we’re going to win this bad boy.”, I said to Orlando Bloom to his followers to go out of the set.

On his return to the United States, Katy Perry is probably refugiará in the house alone with your husband-to-be, considering that his parents were limited in their contact with the daughter, not the mother. It is believed that his parents are avoiding contact with her for fear of the spread of the virus.

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