Roger Federer responds to the charge of the Greta Thunberg on climate change


The tennis star said that he was happy to be reminded of their responsibilities after that, in this instance, he criticized the actions of the bank, in which the player is sponsored by

The world Roger Federer he responded to the criticism of the activist for a teenager to combat climate change But Thunbergsaying that he was happy to be reminded of their responsibilities.

The swiss, a winner of 20 titles on the tournaments of the Grand Slam came at the sight of the young man in Swedish in the past week when she spoke out against the bank, with Credit Suisse for the history of the loan, the industry of fossil fuels.

Federer, who has a sponsorship deal with Credit Suisse, has been charged so that you “woke up” in a book But on Twitter.

In the event of a 38-year-old, who is gearing up for the Australian Open, has issued a statement saying, “I had a lot of respect and admiration” for the movement of the mood, inspired by Greta.

“I’ll take you to the impacts and threats of climate change are very serious about it, especially since my family and I arrived in Australia, among the devastation of the fires,” said Federer.

“As a father of four children and is a strong supporter of universal education, I have a lot of respect and admiration for the youth movement on climate change and I am grateful for the young activists in press for a review of our behaviour and work towards innovative solutions,” he said.

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“We owe it to them and ourselves that only we could hear. Thank you for the reminders of my responsibilities as a private citizen, as an athlete and as an entrepreneur, and I am committed to using my privileged position to engage in dialogue about issues that are important to my sponsors.

Credit Suisse has said that it is committed to supporting its customers in the transition to a business model of low carbon economy, and recently announced that, in the context of a global climate strategy, it is not to invest more in new power plants fueled by coal.