Rolling Stone · Henry Cavill may become a hero in the Marvel comics, after Superman, of the DC


Henry Cavillfamous for his role in Geralt of Rívia in The Witcher and Superman in the DCEUit is top-rated by the fans as one of the next players to be part of the Universe of Film from Marvel comics.

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In the USINGthere is no lack of new movies, and introductions to the character previously unseen. As well, the star of the Superman you could certainly interpret some of the new super power. The Cinema Blend he separated the 7 heroes that could be experienced on the big screen for the Henry Cavill; check this out:

The x-men

The leader of the The X-Men. in many Comics, the The x-men set to debut at the USING with the introduction of the timeline.

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The Lord’s Fantastic

The The Fantastic Four it is one of the newest additions to the USING. John Krasinsk it is one of the names to play the leader of the group, The Lord’s Fantasticbut the hero can also be experienced by the Cavill.


In the realm of the hero has already been mentioned in feature films as Black Panther. Therefore, it is expected that the premiere of the Sub-mariner come in soon at the USING.

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Doctor Doom

Possibly starting with the The Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom it may be one of the greatest villains of the USING.


Kraven the Hunter it is one of the enemies, the most iconic of the Spider-Man and it’s time for the second film in the tank.

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The knight of the Moon

The character will already have a number confirmed Disney+but the details, such as the cast, have yet to be confirmed.


Due to the agreement between the Netflix and Marvel comicsthe movie Daredevil you should take time to get to the big screen. However, the character could be played by the Cavill.