Rolling Stone · Kanye West announces a concert in an event of “evangelical” pastors-in anti-LGBTQ+


The Sunday morning Service, a worship service of song, will be on display at the side of the religious leader who launched a campaign called “Kill the Gays”

Kanye Wests-Sunday Service and, the religious group’s rapper will be performing at the Awaken to 2020a festival of gospel will take place on the 18th of January. With the announcement this week, however, it has generated a lot of anguish: on the side of the player, discursarão many evangelicals strongly against the rights of The LGBTQ+

As explained in the The New York Daily Newsto the side of the West are some of the names such as Lou Engle, who in 2011 helped lead to the development of a bill to Uganda’s so-called “The Kill-the-Gays” (“Kill all the Gays”). The religious leader also believed that the laws of inclusion are reading.

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In addition to mr. Engle, discursarão Cindy Jacobsencouraging christians to go against the law of equality in the USA. Guillermo Maldonadowho do you think that people that are LGBT for a spell in a generation, and Ché Ahnwho believes that the laws of the inclusion of LGBT people is similar to that of Racial Segregation.

The participation of the Kanye West in the Awaken to 2020so, has generated a revolution. Some fans even believe that by choosing to participate in the event, the rapper endorse a few of those placements, and that he has a problem with the community The LGBTQ+.

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Kanye Westlaunched at the end of the year 2018, the disk is the gospel Jesus is the King. The bands that are praising God and Jesus. Even before the album’s release, he returned to the Sunday Servicesservices , and religious, and to spread christian ideals.