Rolling Stone magazine · the 3 reasons for the Birds-of-Prey will never win in a sequel


The character, Margot Robbie is one of the most popular anti-heroes in the DC movie

Birds of Prey: harley quinn, and her Emancipation is Fantabulosa it was more of a movie DC focuses on the villains and anti-heroes in the franchise. In the same vein of the The Squadron’s Suicide (2016), and The joker(2019), we do not see here the good guys fighting for what is right, and yes the two most questionable acting in the role of the desires in themselves, and, indirectly, doing good.

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In spite of being a proposal with an appeal to the public, such as the stunning success of the two films in the Deadpool shown The birds-of-Prey you should not gain good. According to the ScreenRant, a number of factors contribute to this, it will be the other projects in the Harley quinn or the failure of the film to achieve his goals.

The box office is disappointing

With a budget of$ 84 million, and the adventure of harley quinn did not come to take a loss, to clinch a US$ 189 million worldwide, but it was a profit that was lower than expected. The Warner bros. you need to change the strategy is to take advantage of all the characters, and how to include them in other projects, and don’t invest in a sequel.

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The next movie

The DC it has many of the feature films on the way, and most of them include a Harley quinn the Margot Robbie. Squadron, The Suicide 2, Gotham City Sirensmovie based on a COMIC that ties Harley, the Cat Woman and Poison Ivy and even with a film of ground of this character. With a busy schedule, it’s hard to believe that the star and the studio to find the time and the desire for more The birds-of-Prey.

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The lack of characterization of

One of the stumbling blocks of the film is to show the various anti-heroes, without the depth it deserves. The He the Mary Elizabeth Winstead participates somewhat, as well as the Robin Black the Jurnee Captain Smollett-Bell. Even though they are supportive, they could have added a lot more to the film, which hinges on the charisma of the Harley quinn and to overcome it in the end of the The joker’s.