Ryan Reynolds and asks about the work of the explosions, Squad 6


The protagonist of the Squad 6, Ryan Reynolds just posted a video on Instagram asking for respect and a love of explosions, and after the end of the movie and accused the director of Michael Bay the “abuse” of a ton of dynamite, the film, for his personal gain, in addition to the make fun of choice of clothing for the filmmaker, check it out below:

So, where do they go?

The story of a group of people with special skills, are being recruited by the leader (Reynolds), and they have their deaths faked for the team, which is facing a criminal.

In addition to Reynolds, the film has in its cast Mélanie Laurent (Bastardos Inglórios), Payman Maadi (The Separation Of), Corey Hawkins (Undercover in the Klan), Adria Arjona (Operation Of The Border), Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (Hit man: the Day of the Soldier), Ben Hardy (X-Men: Apocalypse), Lior Raz (Faudaand Dave Franco (The trick of a Master).

Squad 6 it is already available in the Netflix.

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