Sandra Bullock asks for equal pay for the women’s national team in football in the USA – Review


As for the women’s soccer in the United States, ascending the stage at the ESPY Awards in 2019 at the latest, on Wednesday, (10), after the historic victory in the World Cup final, Sandra Bullock, who presented the award for the best team, and gave a talk on women and the struggle for equal pay in the world of sports.

The actress has issued a plea for “all those in favor of equal pay”. The host of the ceremony on, Tracy Morgan, made a point I agree with Sandra. “We’re going to pick up one of these women and to combat inequality,” he said.

In march, the 28 players in the women’s national football team have filed a lawsuit against the Football association of the United States, alleging that it paid less than the men’s team, despite the fact that you have a history the best and generate the most revenue. The telecast of the ESPY Awards, it came to pass in the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, california, and was broadcast by the ABC television network.

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