Sophie Turner, you want to make a film about her friendship with Maisie Williams


More-than-friendly producers!

More-than-friendly producers! Sophie Turner revealed that you have a dream to produce a film about his friendship with Maisie Williams. The two actors met on the set of Game of Thrones and if you have made the best of friends ever since. In an interview with the SheSophie said that many of the plans are to start driving on their in-house productions, including one based on a friendship, so perfect!

“As an actress, can you have too much creative control. I want to be able to have complete control as possible, and to create in my own ways. It’s something that I’m passionate about. My best friend, Maisie, we got a friendship, an intense one that I’ve never had it with any of my girlfriends before. We felt that we wanted to write a film about a friendship in which the two sides are like twin souls, but they like each other, and nurture a beautiful connection that can be very destructive,” said the actress. Wow! It looks pretty deep, isn’t he?

Sophie also commented that he is investing in his dream: “I Bought a book of scripts! For them to learn. Why can’t I write as well, but I want to. I’m not talented enough,” he said. We support that plan, you know?

Do you think it would be cool?

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