Tarantino reveals Brad Pitt was too shy to take his shirt off in the movie

The star attended the ‘ once upon a time in Hollywood,” which won him the academy award for best actor in a supporting role

In an interview with the actress, Amy, Schumer, in a podcast with the director of the film “once upon a Time in… Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino, 57, has revealed that during the filming of the long, nominated for an Oscar, the heart-throb Brad Pitt, 56, has spent a moment’s hesitation.

Pitt played the fictional character, Jason Booth, has had one interesting point in the film. In one scene he was bare-chested, on top of the roof, he exitou to view the body. The world, in turn, have to be convinced the star on the record date.

“It was funny, because the truth is Out” in public is kind of shy with things like that,” he said.
“But at the same time, he knows exactly what you need. And I said, ‘So, I’m thinking that maybe you desabotoe a hawaiian shirt, and once you get to the t-shirt. And he was like, ‘are you Serious? Do you want me to go through all that crap to touch? I’m going to take it in a little while, and you will see it. Let’s go!”, he told you about the dialog with the Interview.

It is worth noting that the actor won the category of Best Actor in a Supporting role at the Golden globes and 2020, for their role in “once upon A Time in… Hollywood. Brad Pitt, he competed with the big names in the drama, among them Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Tom Hanks, and Anthony Hopkins. This was the first time in more than 20 years in the business, which Pitt won a Golden Globe award.