The 10 movies are the most pirated in the week 26/04/2020)


At times, social withdrawal, and a lot of people in the house, there is no doubt that the consumption of entertainment, a pirate is a choice, especially for those who are out of work and living on the edge. Interestingly enough, it is possible to see the reflection of this situation, during the consultations that the Canaltech is the main trackers in torrent on the internet in order to find out what are the 10 movies are the most pirated in the week.

This week, for example, for the first in nearly a month, the crown, the movie most downloaded on the illegality of out-of – Bad Boys for Ever and it landed on the head of a recently released movie in the Series — and that, therefore, it is readily available in a legal way, and, to a certain extent, affordable. What also stands out is the emergence of products that did not even came to the premiere, and had a launch cost of only the media data. Typically, this is done in a restricted way, solely for a certain market, but the pirates ripam to the content and makes it available to the whole world. All in all, the four films on the list this week, if you fall into this category, two of which appear here for the first time.

And finally: is it possible to do a lot of reading, a ranking such as this one of the films that were pirated in the week. Take a look at it yourself, then this list is the Canaltech draw up exclusive to Brazil and is for informational purposes only.

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10. Troll 2

The queen’s Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch office (Justin Timberlake) discover a surprising thing: there are other worlds of Life besides them. More than that, it’s the difference between these places and it is the size that it is capable to cause in fighting. But with the rise of a threatening and mysterious, makes the Beta Branch, and their group of friends break into an epic quest to build a bond with the web sites of rivals to take on the greater evil.

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9. Learner Goals

Comedy with a touch of action in order to bring together the whole family, the film follows the life of a CIA agent (Dave Bautista) of the hardened heart, which is assigned to a secret mission: to watch one’s family. In spite of being there only to fulfill his work, little by little, he develops affection to Sophie (Chloe Coleman), the daughter of the precocious nine-year-old’s family, going through a lot at the side of it.

8. Bad Boys For Ever

Anyone who has kept track of the movies in the action, and porradaria of the 1990’s and 2000’s surely we all remember cops Mike Lowery (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence). Now, after a 17-year-old, they are back at it, and if you are going to take down the leader of a drug cartel in the Miami, florida area. Next to them is a newly-built elite team of the Miami police department to deal with the relentless Arming of Weapons.

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7. Mortal Kombat Legends: Revenge of the Scorpion

One of the most prominent franchises in the fighting game of all time Mortal Kombat: Deception made a new animated feature, which shows you not only how he was the ruthless massacre of the family of Hanzo Hasashi, by soldier of fortune in Sub-Zero. Exiled from the Stage, he is serving at this time and has been resurrected as a Mortal, and a soul is lost, and the thirst for revenge. The animated feature is full of references to the games of the classic series, bringing in other characters, such as Raiden, Liu Kang, Sonya, and Johnny Cage.

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6. The Invisible Man

Once you get away from the clutches of the former abuse, She (Elisabeth Moss) receives the news that he took his own life, and left her a fortune. In spite of this, she doesn’t feel safe, and he begins to suspect that his death was a hoax. Their doubts increased when a series of accidents begin to take in peace, endangering even their lives. Now, it is the responsibility of the Package to prove to you that you are being hunting for someone else that no one else can see.

5. The parasite

The winner of the academy award for Best picture in the year 2020, The parasite follows the story of a family of Ki-taek, who is unemployed and living in a basement, dirty and cramped. A fluke is the teenage son of the family, we taught English to a girl from a rich family. Awed by the luxurious lifestyle of these people, a father, a mother, a son and a daughter, devise a plan to infiltrate the family, class, one-on-one. But the secrets and lies that are required to move up in the company are going to be expensive at all.

4. Others of the Crime

One of those movies that would have its premiere in the cinemas, but was launched online in advance due to the health pandemic of the new coronavirus, Magntas of the Crime, it shows the life of a crime boss Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey), who built an empire trafficking in marijuana in the United Kingdom. Right now, he is looking to sell his profitable business, but it ends up becoming a target for plots, schemes, bribes, and blackmail.

3. Bloodshot

Adapted from the comic book from Valiant Comics ‘ Bloodshot it adapted to the movie starring Vin Diesel. In the story the main character is an ex-soldier, able to heal itself and become, courtesy of-a process of resurrection, to which he was subjected after he was killed along with his wife. The side-effect of this, however, is that he has had his memory erased several times, and then don’t remember to who you are, or the life that he had. However, when you begin to get glimpses of it, to take revenge on those who killed his family.

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2. The Island of Fantasy

Imagine an enchanted place in which all your wishes are carried out, you simply ask for them. This is A Fantasy Island, a magical island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it provides visitors with the opportunity to make every dream and adventure than in any other place, it seem to be impossible. The problem is that there is a price: it is not always the fulfillment of your desires, it happens in the way you want it to.

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1. The rescue

Starring Chris Hemsworth, the film brings a dose of horses in action, and adrenaline rush for fans of the genre. Full of fire, bombs, and car chases, the film was created by Joe Russo (The Avengers: Infinite War and Upcoming Deadline), tells the story of a mercenary Tyler Rake, who has been hired to rescue in the country, the son of the boss of the international crime. But the one that seemed to be just a mission, it ends up becoming a problem for those due to the involvement of drug traffickers, the emotional, the Rake, weakened by the problems of the past.

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