The bomb! Amber Heard admits to having physically assaulted his Wife in to download


In the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have won another chapter of turmoil.

In the audio released by the newspaper the Daily Mail, the stunning actress Amber Heard has admitted to having assaulted his Wife, her husband at the time.

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The audio is in the Amber Heard admits of no violence was recorded in 2015 and is when the married couple was going through therapies to try to save the marriage.

According to the recordings, She Heard a shot into plant pots, and pots and pans at his Wife during an argument in the family.

“I am sorry not to be beaten on his face with a slap, but he was hitting on you, not him. Dear one, you did not take a punch,” she says She Heard on the audio.

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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp get divorced at the end of 2016. Allegations of physical and psychological abuse have been made by both of them.

“I went out last night. Honestly, I swear to you, I just could not accept the idea of more fighting, more abuse, physical abuse of one another. Because if we had continued, it would have been a very bad one. And, baby, I’ve told you this once. I’m scared to death, we’re in a crime scene now,” says Johnny Depp in the audio.

At the time of the divorce, Amber Heard went through a process of more than 300 pages from his Wife. In the process, she showed photos of her with various injuries.

Currently, Amber Heard has been dating the director of photography, Bianca Butti. Amber Heard is best known for her role as Mera in Aquaman.

Johnny Depp is most famous for his role as Jack Sparrow in the franchise-Pirates of the Caribbean.

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