‘The descendants 3’: With the presence of Cameron Boyce, Disney releases movies from the CARscendants


‘The descendants, the 3’ it finally debuted, and it is wonderful! The film marks not only the end of the trilogy, but it’s also the last of the Cameron Boyce in the life of. The actor passed away 20 years ago because of a seizure caused by his epilepsy, and it left a lot of friends, and an incredible legacy in the park.

As a part of the legacy of the films in the trilogy – ‘the Descendants’, his last work as an actor. In addition to this, we have created the Cameron Boyce Foundation it’s a way for young people to artistic and creative use of resources, and corporate philanthropy, as an alternative to the violence and negativity.

Along with the release of the film the sons and daughters of Disney villains, it is a tradition to be made available to the CARscendantswhere the actors sing the songs of the soundtrack, giving it back to the car. Check out some of the videos of the songs from the newly released, ‘the Descendants of 3’:

“Good to Be Bad

The Queen of Mean

“Do What You Gotta Do

‘The descendants, the 3’ was such a success that we broke a few records in the inside of the Disney Channel, and has brought all of us joy to watch the movie, but don’t forget, too, that the film becomes a beautiful message for us. If you have not watched it, what are you waiting for?! Run to see it!

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