The Infinite war brings in Dr. Strange’s armor


The writers of the The Avengers: Infinite War, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely counted on, during a transmission, mentioned in the film, the scene in which the Man in the IronRobert Downey Jr.and Spider-Man (Tom Holland) focus on Doctor Stranger (Benedict Cumberbatchhad a few versionspretty awesome”. In a post on the Twitterthe duo has revealed a photo from behind the scenes and reveals to him that the only way to go with Supreme, almost used one of the armors from Tony Stark.

According to the writers, the scene was too long, and it ended up cut from the final version of the The Infinite Warwhich has opted for a more explosive for the redemption of his Strange – look below:

Launched in the year 2018, The Avengers: Infinite War brought in$ 2.04 with the billions around the world, with the result that the fifth-largest in box office history. The sequence, Upcoming Deadlineexceeded Avatar and it has become the highest-grossing of all time. Now, Marvel comics has five of the top ten highest grossing films in history. Among the other feature films, is also The Avengers in 8 out of the 10 highest grossing films.

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