The journal of the Prince reveals that he hated the job, Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran


The sun Prince), who died in rio in 2016, was condemned to a life that wasn’t a big fan of pop music at the moment. Before leaving, the singer had been working on an autobiography. The reporter, Dan Prieperbring has been chosen to complete the work after his death. A long time coming, but it’s ‘The Beautiful Ones’ (‘The Beautiful’ in the translation is ours) has just been released.

The author of this book delved into the numerous annotations written in by hand, which the Prince had left it. Digging through the closets, drawers, and the property of the artist, he has found, drawings, sketches, letters, papers, photographs, and a synopsis of the screenplay, among many other things.

A small part of the book was released recently, turned out calling the attention of his readers, the fact that the “pop” that much was upsetting the Prince has a first name and last name. On a piece of paper that was found by Dan Prieperbring, the star has made it clear that it was the work of the pop diva Katy Perry, and singer Ed Sheeran.

“We need to tell them that you insist on sticking Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran down their throats, and we don’t like it, no matter how many times they touch each other with their music,” said singer.

The posthumous memoirs of the Prince, they were released officially on the 29th, in the United States. There is no date set for the publication of a work translated into Danish.

Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran will not have been set up in response to the excerpt, the controversial from the memoirs.

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