The petition for a Amber, Heard being fired from Aquaman 2 has been out and about on the internet


Since the divorce in 2016), Amber Heard accusing his Wife of having it physically hurt during a violent discussion.

The actress has filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband, with the addition of more than 300 pages, in addition to the photos of her where she is wounded after he was allegedly assaulted.

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Since then, new allegations from both sides have been taking place, and the Wife has been the subject of a vast number of people condemn it for the supposed event.

However, yesterday, the case took a new twist is shocking: in audio released by the newspaper the Daily Mail, the actress, She admitted that he assaulted Wife at the time.

This revelation has caused an uproar on the internet, and now She is being harshly criticized for what has happened.

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The situation has taken such proportions, that the petition, which currently has 70 thousand signatures, has been created at the web site calling for the dismissal of the actress in Aquaman 2.

For more details about the case have not yet been revealed.

Amber Heard has lived Purely in the first movie, the Tempest. Already, Johnny Depp is the most well-known for the live of the pirate Jack Sparrow in the franchise-Pirates of the Caribbean.