The singer Halsey will donate 100 million masks for health professionals – Today


Halsey has also decided to emphasize its solidarity in this difficult time, and it has donated 100 million face masks to the health care provider to helpthem in the battle of the the pandemic the new coronavirus.

The singer, 25, bought the above-mentioned equipment because it is missing from the professionals who are on the front line of caring for people another with Covid-19.

In a message posted on the social network, Halsey began by saying: “Every day, I admire the health workers who are on the front line. For the determination, selflessness and empathy are the greatest example of that is our ability to love and to survive.”

The sharing was followed by the artist, to highlight just how much it is lucky to be able to stay at home, work and social, without feeling it necessary to leave the house to go to work, to be a member of the family of the patient to care for, a child to feed, or to confront a financial crisis”.

“That’s why I tried to find a way to make a difference, and I bought a 100-thousand-masks are approved by the us Food and Drug AdministrationThe FDA). These masks will be given out at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Providence Saint Joseph Latin america and the caribbean+CODE The Medical Center, and dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital, for health care professionals, and the rest of the staff of the hospital who are working to end this the pandemic and, to help the millions of people who are never going to know,” he said.

Before I finish, Halsey appealed, so that all of you are able to stay at home. “If you’re in the front row, my heart is with you. And I will continue to fight for the helpyou get the support and resources you need,” he noted.

Here’s the posting on the full text:

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