Tom Holland would rather see the return of the Iron Man that the Uncle Ben’s


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The actor Tom Holland he revealed in an interview that he would prefer to see the The man in the Iron on our return to the movie Spider-Manrather than some of the other important figures in the history of the hero, as well as the very Uncle Ben’s.

Many have noted that the “Iron Man” appeared to be acting as a sort of substitute Uncle Ben in the new film of the Head from the Web. In the same way that Peter will need to make up for the loss of your uncle at a certain point in the story, in the Spider-man: Far from Homewe see him dealing with the grief of the death of Tony Stark.

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During a recent interview with the IGNHolland was asked if he could bring back uncle Ben, his parents, Gwen Stacy or, the Man of Iron, ” and who he would choose.

“It would have to be Tony Stark. It would have to be it, because I’d really love to work with Robert, and if I were to do another film with him, it would be a lot of fun”said Tom Holland.

In the third, Spider-Man, Tom Holland, and is scheduled to be released in theaters on On July 21, 2021. It will be that we will see the introduction of some important personage in the mythology of the hero? Please comment.

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