Travis Scott appears, listening to music, never-before-seen Pop, what do you expect, after the death of the rapper


Travis Scott has been one of the greatest artists who have collaborated with the young Pop Smoke.

The rapper, 20 years old from Brooklyn, Pop, what do you expect, he was tragically killed at his home in the Hollywood Hills this morning after two masked men broke into his house, shot him several times and robbed the place. Currently, the exact details of the murder are not clear, but the recent updates indicate that in the hours leading up to his death, the rapper was hosting a party with your friends at home.

Many of his fans and peers have expressed to send them your goodness to your loved ones in the hip hop music in New York city, including 50-Cent, suggesting that a betrayal may have motivated the killing. Nicki Minaj has said something similar, talking about jealousy and how success is never achieved without him. Right now, Travis-Scott, have shared a tribute to a deceased friend.

To him it was one of the big names who took notice of the talent in the Pop, Smoke, and gave us a great opportunity for him in Brooklyn. Pop, appeared on the mixtape “JACKBOYS”, a project of the label’s music to Him, for the Cactus Jack Music. With the cooperation of the Individual, and what do you expect, “JOHN” stood out among the their fans, which led to a major exhibition of the work of the young rapper into a giant fan-base of Her Next.

By using their stories on Instagram, Travis Scott released a video that appears to be driving at the same time, it’s a new song from the Pop-Smoke rings in the car. In the song he never wrote anything, but it’s a tribute was made clear to one and all. Check it out below.