Trump criticizes Oscars for ‘the Parasite’, and turn away from the Pitt News


The the president of the United States, Donald Trump, ridiculed on the Thursday (20th) academy awards history, film awarded to the south Korean “Parasite”, and made a bit of a career of a star in Hollywood (Brad Pitt, during a campaign rally for re-election.

Trump went on to say that, I would like to turn to the classics of Hollywood, such as “gone with the Wind” in 1939, and he’s never really liked a lot of the Interview.

“The parasite”, a social satire scathing about the gap between the rich and the poor in the city of Seoul is modern, made in the beginning of this month, the first film is not spoken in the English language to get the main prize in the world. He has also earned statues for best director and original screenplay for Bong Joon Ho’s, and the best foreign language film.

‘We have a lot of problems with the republic of Korea’

“How bad was it for the Oscar this year?”, he said Trump at a rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the united states. The imitation of a presenter in the ceremony, he said: “And the winner is the one film in South Korea”.

“What the hell was that about? We have a lot of problems with the republic of Korea, with trade with. And after all of that, will give it the best picture?”, she added the Trump.

“We could have a ‘ gone with the Wind’ back, please?”, he said to the hundreds of supporters, referring to the film about the the southern part of the united states during the Civil War, which was awarded the academy award for best picture is 80 years old.

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‘I have never been a fan of Brad Pitt’

Trump, too, but he passed them to Brad Pitt, who has won an academy award for best actor in a supporting role for “once upon a Time… in the world.”

Pitt said in his speech of thanks that he had more time to talk to you about 45 seconds of that, the former National Security adviser John Bolton, on the trial of the impeachment of the Trump development.

“I have never been a big fan of it,” said Trump about the Interview.

VIDEO: Take a tour of the city of Seoul depicted in the Oscar-winning, ‘the Parasite’