Vish! Mod Sun-give details of the ‘shelter’, and says that the Bella Thorne should be the money he is going to Be solved in the court


It is now two months old, that Mod-Sun-and-Bella Thorne ended up dating for almost two years now, but it seems the former couple still has a lot of stuff to get it right. In a chat with TMZ, the rapper has revealed that it has a place of business does not resolved to the actress and she even owes money to him.

“I owe money, have businesses that are not resolved, the contracts are not signed. I’ve done a lot for this girl, and there’s a lot of stuff that has not been put in place in relation to the business, because I was in love with. The kind that Bonnie and Clyde, I was at the top [por ela]out , you know? This is no longer the case. It will be fixed, but we’ll probably have to go to courtsaid the boy. Nice!

Even though the end is in apparent good terms, things soon took a different turn between the Bella’s and this Mod, and when she appeared at his home, four days after the divorce, to pick up his things. The former star of Disney, entered into the residence through a back door without being announced. The musician was not home at the time, and your team has asked the actress to leave the premises.

Thorne, then, I would have been angry and refused to go away, which has resulted in a real fight. It was only then that the officers decided to call the police. According to the sources, from the time of publication, this was followed by sifting through a residence, the search of personal belongings, while you yell out to the outside from there. Us! A few minutes later, the police arrived, and Bella finally left for the venue without being arrested, or in any other case.

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The actress and singer was not even enough to recover all of his stuff, and was quite angry with her ex when he decided to play on it for a month and then when he said: “If they do not get things right, I’m going to earn a lot of money on Ebay.

“Ownn, it seems that the Moddy is really want a attention, #hungry, weren’t you the one who called the police when I wanted to get on my computer?”said the diva on Twitter.

According to the Mod he told to TMZ, it seems that the history of the belongings you still don’t have a conclusion. “Things have not been resolved. And I thought I had made a funny joke out of it, but I’ve got a day of prayer for the sake of it. I’ve tried to solve it, but I have dropped a couple of 30 times in that night, so I’m really confused”, he said. “It was basically, ” Your joke was not very funny’. Of course, I wasn’t going to sell her clothes on Ebay, and people. You can see what I’m playing, when I smile when you speak. But basically it was, ‘You can’t say anything about it”, I thought it was ridiculous.”

The rapper also spoke about the replacement of the end “I’m more happy than ever before. When we broke up, I was like, ‘oh my god, I’ve lost my muse, and I’m going to be able to make great music?’. That was when I was sober and I had a lot of fear. But in the past couple of weeks, I’ve made the best music of my life.”

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