Vixe! Camila Cabello is accused of plagiarism for the song “My Oh My”, and the similarity to the music of the group peru is impressive, compare to the songs!


Nice! Singer Camila Cabello’s in the mouth of the people, and, at this time, it’s not because of his hymns and pumped in the music charts…, The star has been accused by netizens of plagiarism due to the similarities of their song “My Oh My”, with the recording of a peruvian group.

The band launched as A part of their most recent album, “a love story”, but for many users, the composition has a striking similarity with the “Llaman a la Puerta, one of the successes recorded by Tierra Sur, in the 1990’s. The fans that come with the job of the artist to defend it by saying that the sample used in the song, in fact it is the same as that of the soles used.

And there is no problem in this, many of the songs of famous artists were created using the beats of other songs, some of which bombaram, and others not so much. However, it is by the grace Pochi Mambio., a member of the Tierra Sur, said in an interview with the newspaper El Trade, there has not been any authorization or clearance to use the sample in “Llaman a la Puerta” for the star.

“I don’t think that it is too early to speculate on the subject, and I don’t want to use the terms that way. Seems to me that the companies in the industry to the international music scene, especially in the world of hip-hop and rap music, we can recognise the elements that you employ on your products, adhere to, and converse with the authors or their legal representatives,”he said. Vixe!