which women inspire them, the attractions to women of the ” Rock in Rio Lisboa?


In the countdown to the Rock in Rio Lisboawhat happens on the 20th, 21st, 27th, and 28th of June, in commemoration of the International Women’s daysigned on this the 8th of march, in the B it was back in the women they inspire us to six attractions in a female’s the festival: Iza, Camila Cabello, Ivete Sangalo, Anitta, Barbara Tinoco and Julian The Be.

Camila Cabello & Taylor Swift

When he was still an integral part of the Fifth Harmony, band pop he started his career, Camila Cabello you always say that it is very easy to Taylor Swift. After the success of the group, and the two ended up getting to know each other and became fast friends. The close proximity only fed it even more of an appreciation for The Taylor. Last year, when Swift was named artist of the decade at the The American Music Awardsthe singer’s home in cuba, made a beautiful the post in a tribute to her friend and idol. Their songs and albums are the soundtrack to so many moments in my life, and you have always been the greatest inspiration over the course of my career,” he wrote. The show The World Stage on the day June 20,.

Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello Photo: Getty Images
Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello Photo: Getty Images

Ivete Sangalo & Games

She does not require any type of presentation. The queen of Bahia, the owner of the heart of anyone who has ever attended one of his showsshe has no less than Her one of their greatest admiration. It was after attending a performance of Queen Bey’s on the Madison Square Gardenin New York, She came up with the idea of doing a show at the same venue. The presentation turned into a DVD, to be released in December of 2010. Beyoncé and Her have been together a couple of times. In 2010, the Members opened the show the tour Bey in Brazil. Three years later, at the Rock in Rio in 2013, the two met again. On the 20th day of July,, She is one of the stars of the World Stage in the Rock in Rio Lisboa.

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Anitta & Mariah Carey

One of the major inspirations for the Anitta it’s… Mariah Carey. At the end of last year, it was the opportunity to get to know her all-american at the chance. The two met at a ski resort in the United States, where the king of pop-national-vacation. After a show full of energy Rock in Rio-2019, Anitta returns the edition of the lisbon festival will take place on 28 June, on the World Stage.

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Iza & Of

Six months after the purchase of the Iza and Of the Rock in Rio-2019we also try to go through a video without getting goose bumps. In the In The Sunset Stage, Iza out-parade-hit back-hit, and even more so when you sing along to the side of the one who Ofthe one who was full of compliments, and was very honored to sing along with him. In Uk, Iza presents at the 20th day of June, in the Company-Music to the future.

Of and of Iza in the Rock in the River By 2019 Photo: Getty Images
Of and of Iza in the Rock in the River By 2019 Photo: Getty Images

Barbara Tinoco & Mafalda Veiga

21-year-old singer Barbara Tinoco it is now one of the young promises of Portuguese music. The singer has been discovered in the version of the lusitania on the programme “The Voice” the song “Jolene”classic , the Dolly Parton. But it’s one of the great influences of music it is Mafalda Veigaartist , Portuguese (Lisbon). In a the interview due to Radio-The Observer, Barbara, he put it O, as one of his inspirations at the time of writing.

Julian The Be & Dua Lipa

“Thethe girl loose” from Orlando like so many artists of different musical styles. In the past year, and in a recent interview to “Video), she told me that one of his idols, is a singer Dua Lipathe lyrics, which speak of empowerment, and of sound and dance. The career of the Julian it all started when she had the opportunity to sing for a James Valentine, lead guitarist of the Maroon 5behind the scenes of the Rock in Rio-2017. No sooner had she knew that there, at the foot of the sand, this was just the beginning. The hit “The Girl Loose” it is a success in Brazil and Portugal, and in the last week and has gained up to the Spanish “Chiquita Suelta”. It is soft? It should also be noted that the Giulia is also a good mimic of the Video. The brazilian singer’s attraction is confirmed on the day, 28/06, in the Company-Music to the future.

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