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Jane Foster is now the female version of Thor is in Love, and Thunder.

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Natalie Portman is now officially back to the world, Film, Marvel comics, only this time as a female version of Thor. This means that she will play another character, different from the one that he lived in Thor and The Dark World? No! Since 2014, Jane Foster, has taken on the comic book, the identity of “Thor”.

But who is this character in Love and Make up for the room the movie’s hero, who shut him up on the Stage, Four of the UCM? How does it become “Thor” in the Comic? And as a result has to be adapted for the big screen? It comes to us.

Everyone has heard the age-old maxim was spoken by Odin: “Who’s holding the gavel, it will be worthy of the power of Thor”. While at UCM, only Captain America (Chris Evans) and the Vision (Paul Bettany) have been able to lift up Asgard: in Comics, characters have been deemed worthy of the power of the God of Thunder, amongst them is the Silver Surfer, Storm, and, of course, Jane Foster.

Of course that Thor Odinson would give up his hammer, or the item would have to be destroyed (as was the case in Thor: Ragnaroka)), or the hero would no longer be worthy of its own powers (as was the case in his the first filmin which it has been banished from Asgard). The arc of the comics, the “Original Sin”, and the second case, that is, with the character becoming unworthy of it.


Marvel Comics

During a battle with Nick Fury (but keep in mind that we are not talking about the version of the heroic in the character played by Samuel L. Jackson), Thor becomes unworthy to lift his hammer this out, because nick Fury whispered to him that humanity is better off without gods, causing the hero to pass on the question of whether the gods are to be worshipped by the people, and if he wants to be. Thus, it is no longer Odinson, and it is more of a asgardiano common.

The call for the hammer

Marvel Comics

Over the years, and in the presence of Jane Foster in the comic books has become less frequent. It has been re-introduced by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman on the pages of “Thor: God of Thunder”, with a twist: Jane, I was fighting against a cancer. While it seemed to be something to develop her character, but to explore the grief the main character, things immediately changed for the figure, and the quadrinistas they did with Jane Foster to take over as the new Thor arc, “The Mighty Thor”.

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And how did that come about? When Thor became unworthy of Asgard, the hammer stood alone, stranded on the Moon, where he sought to Jane, think. The young woman finally gave in to the calling and called for Heimdall to take her to the place where the item was. Once there, Jane is picked up in Asgard, gaining the powers of Thor, and turned his physique. As she watched the God of Thunder, using his hammer, over and over again, the scientist slowly learned how to use the Asgard from the previous example that I had.

In the presence of Me

Marvel Comics

Until then, know that there is a female version of the hero, but no one knew who she was the mystery woman. During the mission, the Thor of the original has reached a Jane, not knowing her true identity, requiring a hammer to the back. Eventually, though, the former God of Thunder, has finally agreed that the hammer was the next owner, and he gave his blessing to Jane, not knowing who he was, to the young woman. He was also awarded the Jane in her name, and later went on to be called Odinson.

The influence of the cancer

Marvel Comics

The only issue is that every time Jane had become the God of Thunder, his body became weak, because of the change in the withdrawal of all of the toxins out of your body, including to the drugs of the drugs for a while, but went back to the cancer, which was a part of it. For a long period of time, Jane was in Thor, if you become a member of the Avengers, bringing in the storm with the Asgard-of-way that is expressly different from the Odinson, the ending of the War between the Asgard and x-factor, mid-Air, and defeating the Mangog to save the world.

In the meantime, if you turn on Me, more often, is your life just by hitting the stage for four. Jane was told by Doctor Strange that she has become a God for the last time, he’d die. He and a bunch of friends and convinced her to give up being Me for the sake of your health. This changed, however, when Jane heard that in the city of Asgardia was in danger at the hands of Mangog. She defeated him, but destroyed the Asgard, and he died in the process, giving you a goodbye kiss on the Odinson. Eventually, he and Odin have joined forces to bring Jane back to life. Without the hammer to turn it into ” Thor, Jane is focused on the chemo and came to the conclusion Odinson to take on the identity of Thor-and continue to fight on behalf of it. Nowadays, in the Comics, Odinson has returned to Me, and the raising of the Asgard, while Jane works as a Valkyrie.

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A Thor female

Marvel Comics

To transform Jane Foster in “Thor” in the Comic has not only brought a new twist to the character, making “Thor” a title more than a name. In addition to addressing important issues such as the empowerment of women, a self to become a goddess, a woman taking on the patriarchy of the Asgard, and the fact that she has to consider one’s own suffering and death in the context of the Ten Kingdoms. In the opening game of the character, and Jason Aaron has made it clear, “This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not a Thorita. This is to ME. This is the THOR of the Marvel Universe, but it is different than any of the Thor we’ve ever seen before.” Already, the managing director of the Ragnarok and Love and Thunder, Taika Waititi, has already confirmed this information, making it clear that Jane is not Thor’s a woman, she is called “the Mighty Thor”.

The Universe Film

Marvel Studios

And on the big screen? As for this arc that can be entered? The last time I heard from Jane at RagnarokThor (Chris Hemsworthand it had been finished, and will be followed by each and every one the way. The character will return to the faces in the wake of the time travel in Avengers: Ultimatum, with the deleted scenes Natalie Portman in the In The Dark World.

If the plot of the battle against cancer can be managed in the UCM, it is not going to be very difficult to re-enter it, because of the fact that we don’t know what she’s been doing it since Thor 2, or as it will be found in the Love and Thunder. The director is Taika Waititi — she was Portman’s return to the role — it’s already made it clear that the script of the film is inspired by the Comic “The Mighty Thor”.

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Not to mention that, for the time being, I follow worthy of the power. If you become depressed, alcoholic, and irresponsible to the people is not enough to prevent him from using his hammer in Asgard, and his axe, Stormbreaker, is hard to imagine any other situation that he would become unworthy of it. You may have left the kingdom of Asgard at the hands of the Member (Tessa Thompson), who explore the space with the ‘ Guardians of the Galaxy? It will be to resign from the post of the king’s, and to god would mean that he is no Odinson, as it did in the Comics?

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It is worth noting, also, that in the Ragnarok, I have discovered that the power was in and of itself, and not on the hammer. And UltimateSteve Rogers has used the power of the God of Thunder without it he had lost the ability to use it. In this case, the UCM has opened up the door for there to be more of a “Thor” at the same time, and each and every one of you has a weapon.

Marvel Studios

The other important thing to remember is that the Asgard has been destroyed Ragnarok — the one that was used in the Ultimate belonging to the past, and has been developed in the line from time to time. How, then, is Jane going to carry it? Although it is unlikely that the appeal of traveling in time, it can be used again and again. In the meantime, is the upcoming movie of Dr. Strange, That, of the Madness, we will discuss the concept of the multiverse, opening a lot of possibilities. That is, the Asgard could have come from another country, as well as Jane’s, perhaps it is not that we know of originally in the UCM.

The other option is to have the Jane’s password to use the Stormbreaker (which I, by becoming unworthy of it, and therefore can’t take out), or if there is any other magical weapon in the Marvel comics universe. However, considering that, Waititi gave Portman in Asgard during the panel for Marvel at San Diego Comic-Con, we assume that the hammer is going to come back to give it to the guys on the big screen in some shape or form.

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Either way, Tessa Thompson, has suggested that his Member be the King of the Asgardianos, and that you will need to have a Queen, she was featured as the first character of the LGBTQ+ in the UCM, but so far have not left clear evidence of this in the film). Was she suggesting that by Jane and the Member will develop a relationship with him?

And you, what do you think about all of this. As to Jane, it must be resubmitted at the UCM? Discuss it with us in the comments below.

Me: Love and Thunder it has a debut scheduled for the 1st of may, in the year 2020.