With the possible departure of Henry Cavill, here are some of the applicants to live in the new Superman


After the news, there is a possibility that the Henry Cavill do not interpret the Superman in the theaters, everyone began to wonder who would come to take its place. Especially Warner Bros., sure, you may be pulling the strings, to find a new actor that is compatible with the role.

For this reason, please check the list below for the Watch Movie he did it with some of the best options for players that could replace the sun:

Sam Claflin

The actor, who was in the Hunger Games: In Flames, As I had been Prior to, you have the potential to create has not yet been explored in cinema. The costume for the last Son of Krypton, and Sam Claflin would bring out all the humour and charm that a hero needs, as well as serving as a good profile of the most vulnerable of Clark Kent.

Channing Tatum

Even though the actor has already starred for years on the role of Gambit, Channing Tatum might surprise you and reveal their full potential, dramatic living with a Man-of-Steel. Good time funny thing is, something that cannot be taken by an actor who has proven himself a great player in Magic Mike, and the Angels of the Law, but it is very possible to see an actor taking on a more serious side and is iconic to the live game being a classic.

Benjamin Walker

It would be the actor’s highest-interpret the Story to be sure, but Benjamin Walker would fit in nicely in the role. A physical bearing which carries with it the attitude and the greatness of the hero, in addition to the face, which allows for the guise of Clark Kent, Walker is also an actor, very much underrated, and after the failure of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, this could be your chance to go back to that time.

Matt Bomer

One of the players who have come close to turning the hero into the past, and maybe, finally, the time has finally come for Matt Bomer. The actor has already shown his talent in shows such as White Collar and American Horror Story, in addition to an impressive involvement in Magic Mike. With a profile similar to that of Henry Cavill, Bomer would be a good profile for the character, and there’s no denying that the actor looks good in glasses, which is essential to Clark Kent.

Jon Hamm

Every time Hollywood starts out with the idea of a new Batman or Superman, and Jon Hamm is always present in the lists, as one of the most. The star of Mad Men has the size and talent to perfect in order to interpret the six million dollar man-the most impressive of all time, being able to balance your time funny thing (as in You Caught it!) for Clark Kent, and the load is dramatic to live with his family. A choice of dreams come true.

Matthew Goode

The actor is not a stranger to superhero, as ” the idealist Series, in an adaptation by Zack Snyder for Watchmen. Going to the gym, and a lot of iron to pull it (after all, Zachary Levi, turned to the captain marvel), Matthew Goode could come up with something different for the character, especially in his speech to a more peaceful, what could you point out to the side of the alien’s weapons. As a film it’s definitely going to go to a portrait-more of the classic hero, the Most you can to bring it to a more modern way.

Armie Hammer

Considered to be a Green Lantern during the period when the Justice League of america, in addition to having been cast as Batman in the movie of the cancelled George Miller, Armie Hammer is in need of a big piece of paper. The star of Call Me by Your Name, it’s a tremendous actor, and his charisma and elegant, standing posture would ensure that one of Superman’s essentially a classic, where it is possible to hear the city screaming phrases, motivational, and flying through the sky. The possibility is intriguing, but it’s definitely inspired by.

John Krasinski

If the question is for Zachary Levi can be this program, so that it is not Jim from The Office? The actor and director surprised us with the ability to work in A Place that is Quiet, and it proved to be a great protagonist, with the new version of Jack Ryan. With a blue suit and a red cape, Krasinski would bring the whole weight of the heart, which assocíamos of the Story, and his background in the genre of comedy, it definitely would with a Clark Kent-worthy take on the classic Christopher Reeve.