Wonder woman 1984 | Gal-Gadot-of-Armor to adapt to the new posters



The Warner Bros. released a new poster for Wonder Woman 1984 the Princess Dianaperformed by Gal Gadot dressed in his the armor gold. On instagram-the official, have published a paper or a poster, with the background animated with this tool.

Earlier, in an interview with the producer Charles Roven he said:

“Not only was the loss of the Steve Trevorof Chris Pinebut it also has lost almost all of the people who are important to her, because they are not immortal, and that life is really very lonely, and simply. In fact, the only joy that she takes off when she’s actually doing something for the people, he or she can to help those in need. “

Trailer-world-of-Woman-Wonder-1984 the

In the trailer we see the return of the Chris Pine how to Steve Trevorbut it was not explained as to how and if it really is Steve Trevor. We Diana getting to know Barbara Minervathat is going to be the Women’s-Blackperformed by Kristen Wiig.

Pedro Pascalthe home The Mandalorian, interprets, Maxwell Lord giving a “welcome to the Future” and in one scene, which is very similar to a Tube Burst open, a The Box Nativeas has been seen in the Justice league of america when you Wolf of the Plains, Steppenwolfarrives in the shrine of the Amazons, to take advantage of the The Box Native.

No Man’s Land ” In The 1984 have not had a change in their timing as a function of the The pandemic of the Coronavirus it is scheduled for release on the 5th of June, in the year 2020.

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