Wonder woman 1984 will be a turning point rant, ” says Gal Gadot


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With only four months prior to the release of the Wonder Woman 1984up to now, we only had a teaser trailer for the film, which leaves us with a lot of doubts, mainly due to the re-emergence of Steve Trevor, who had died in the previous film.

In a recent interview, Gal Gadotprotagonist of the long-talked about the album with a bombastic, which it will take Diana to a normal life and it will change everything.

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“This is a film that is so much more — you know, it’s been around, she’s much more mature, wise, and lonely, and it’s different. You see it at a different time in his life, something that never been seen before. And then something crazy happens and it changes everything.”

In addition to the return of Trevor, Diana, you will also have to deal with Maxwell Lord with the transformation of your girlfriend into the villain known as the Women’s-Blackone of the biggest enemies of the heroine in the comic book. That is, the twist is in any of these situations?

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Wonder Woman 1984 his debut On June 3, 2020.

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