7 strange rules over the children of the Kardashians, which will surprise you


It’s no secret that the Kardashians live in, full of luxuries and eccentricities. And, even though it looks like they’re having fun all the time, and they do have protocols that are sufficient for tracking, especially with their children.

Yes, the Kardashian’s are responsible for staying on top of them and the best way to do this is to maintain a balance between the social, the professional, and as a mother.

Here are just a few of the rules that these women laid for the children.

1. Each child must have his or her own security guards

A left-back, it is not enough to ensure that the precious children kardashianas. Therefore, they all have their own individual security.

It doesn’t matter if they are in the garden, or are walking around with their moms, safety is the most important thing. This became more intense after the break-in of her in Paris when she was tied up and her jewelry stolen.

2. There is an agreement between them and the planet

The famous photographer, Jayden Seyfarth told the portal to Fairfax Media that the Kardashians have a deal very friendly with the paparazzi.

Do they remind you of where you are to get your glasses. Especially when you are with your children. Your competitors are not subject to the when you approach, and what kind of pictures they take.

Therefore, the condition for this is that they have to pick and choose the best ones and they must be adapted before they can be published.

3. Only the present, the designers from the luxury to be accepted

The Kardashians know that their children will choose to wear will be sold online in a matter of minutes, so that they support the designers, which are familiar to them.

Because of their celebrity status, they can get close to the best of the fashionistas to the most of the gifts that you receive are well worth it.

The North has been seen with a purse, Gucci gowns and Balmain with jewelry. Penelope was dressed in Givenchy, and Stella McCartney, and even the little Stormi 2-year-old has her own collection of Louis Vuitton bags that are personalized.

4. The children are expected to follow a strict diet, no gluten, and no dairy products

Kourtney Kardashian was the one who decided to enter on a strict diet, no gluten, and no milk for their children, and the rest of the family has joined in on the idea.

On its website, the sister wrote: “I Think we’ve got a life to live and I would like it if you felt it in the best way possible. I noticed a huge positive change in the behavior with my own children when they follow a gluten-free diet and no milk.”

5. Girls Are Restricted

The Kardashians have revealed that they try to allow their children to choose what clothes to wear to define your style and you alone. However, those who have the most restrictions, it’s Penelope, daughter of Kourtney K and Scott Disick.

And the fact is that he does not allow his daughter to wear a swimsuit or clothes that you may consider provocative, it doesn’t matter if the rest of your cousins in the us. 6.

The “screen time” is limited to the first 30 minutes of stringent by the day, anyone who has watched an episode of KUWTK know that it is nearly impossible for the family to look at your phone the whole time.

Even though the children are often the protagonists of her videos and photos, the sisters have tried to ban them at the table or during the holidays, but it just didn’t work.

According to Kourtney, she does not want her children to have the same dependence on the technology, so this limits the amount of time for you to view.

In a post on its social network, it has revealed that it has been difficult to separate them from the technology. On the other hand, it could limit the use to 30 minutes a day. This also applies to video games and television. Meanwhile, at the end of the week, the time increased to one hour.

7. All of the people with whom they come in contact with on the Kardashian’s are required to sign an agreement

When her childhood, the Kardashians, wrote in a report, 148 pages, over the years, he has worked with the family, the sisters decided to take action in order to protect your privacy. It is for this reason that they are now asking everyone who is coming to your child that you sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Kim said, “this is the kind of thing we deal with every day. People who are looking for scandals and creating stories and nasty-just to give it a name. They are not allowed to get away with it”.

Source: La Nueva Mujer.