Chris and Liam Hemsworth show the skills on the surf: “Ten hours a day on the water – 26/12/2019


Liam Hemsworth, the “Thor” in the universe of film from the Marvel comics, and his brother, Liam, who lived Gale in “the Hunger Games”, and they took a day to go surfing and show off their talent in the water.

I read, posted today on the Instagram photos, the “joke” in a bacanésima a swimming pool with artificial waves in Melbourne, victoria, Australia.

“I’ve had the most fun with a small gang of family and friends, and in the URBNSURF in Australia. Ten hours a day on the water, and I am very sore, and burnt, by the sun. But it was well worth it. I can’t wait to go back,” he wrote to Read, and sharing your images.

“Our Land,” said the brazilian surfer Pedro Scooby. Mark Matthews, a surfer in australia,for its time, and made it a legitimate question: “Who has gained a level?”.

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