Demi Rose forgets the clothes in your costume for Halloween


Demi Rose

October 31, 2019
(16:59 CET)

Demi Rose is a model and influencer british. Became internationally known for revolutionizing the social networks with their suggestive perched. In Instagram account with millions of followers and all your images are of high voltage. The young woman has posed for major brands of underwear. She has been featured in magazine cover and is already one of the celebrities most important of the United Kingdom, although its name is still unknown to many.

In all his photos poses with clothes very tiny, almost invisible. And it does not matter that the temperatures have dropped considerably and the days are shorter. Always takes pictures in bathing suit. Most of us would like to be in a permanent summer. The face of Demi Rose’s about an angel, but in his resting he teaches the devil inside.

Demi Rose not think to miss this special date. The 24-year old man also wants to celebrate Halloween and to this end has opted to dress up as an angel and dangerous lady. The influencer is then dyed the hair of violet, is placed roses black and red on the head and poses without any clothes on. Simulates a garment pintándose the body and sticking to the body a pedredrías.

The image has reached the 111.000 likes. It is not one of the most views because it is not one of the more taught, however has returned to enchant, and surprise you once more. “You get out”, “don’t wear anything” or “I’m burning up right now”, are some of the comments that you receive.

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