Emilia Clarke Beyonce and Jay-Z’s First meeting, Emilia Clarke, and to Her it was a disaster


The time came for the party is a post-Oscar, which was promoted by the Queen Bey and Jay-Z

Emilia Clarke have you had a reaction to the well-fanzoca to find your muse! The actress has revealed in an interview with the TV program in the uk The Graham Norton Show his first encounter with her all the time Her don’t got out there as planned. The artist Daenerys Targaryen he told them that he was not invited to the party is a post-Oscar, given by the singer and her husband, Jay-Zbut I didn’t expect to talk with Bey.

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“I didn’t expect to see them in the flesh-and-blood, you know?” I wasn’t expecting it. I just thought to myself, ‘oh My God, I’ve been invited to! So, it’s Queen Bey, came up to me and, of course, he looked at me and said, ‘Oh, I’d love to chat with you, and I just can’t, ” I answered in the way I think she was just waiting for me to respond to,” said Clarke.

“She came in and I thought ‘oh My God’. There were plenty of drinks, and I started to cry, and things did not turn out well. I mean, it’s literally tears coming from my eyes, and I said, ‘I can’t deal with that, and it’s pretty intense,’” said the actress. Musa also said that Jay-Z has witnessed the whole scene and said to her, “Rt?”.

Clarke spent the rest of the night trying to talk to them again and again, but couldn’t because they wouldn’t stop crying. “It breaks my heart to know that I’ve screwed up this time,” concluded the actress.

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