Had 2 have had the famous Disney princess, and you don’t realize it


The inside of a Frozen 2, there is a reference to the author, is responsible for inspiring the whole universe, Frozen and The Little Mermaid. In the wake of Disney, it showed the kingdom of Arendelle to start to get rid of for mysterious reasons that go back to the forest, a mystical far, far away, linked to the stories in which the main characters, Elsa (Bruklin Menzel) and Anna (Kristen Bell) heard it as a child.

The observation of the immediate parent that he / she is reading a book by some new author dane ‘ is a reference to Hans Christian Anderson, the story of “The Snow Queen” inspired by Frozen.

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The premise is drawn from the State 2 can be degraded to the status quo of the universe’s State, but such choices are bold, they didn’t seem to bother the audience. Getting rave reviews from both critics and the public, and State 2 has become a huge phenomenon at the box office even greater than that of its predecessor, which was also a success.

In fact, State 2 is set for a record-breaking box office, the Disney animated at the end of the first week of release.

With the Darkness 2 is now available for you to watch at home, the crowd turned its attention to the small details, and references, that one could get lost in a screening at the film to start. An example of this is the message of the movie is a famous author who has inspired the whole of the universe is Frozen: Hans Christian Andersen.

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The reference is to Hans Christian Andersen, takes place during the journey of Allen to the inside of the glacier mass Ahtohallan. Within the walls of the cold, She is met with protests in the ice of its own memories, as well as those of their ancestors.

A reminder to show a version of the adolescent to his father, being asked what book he was reading. The father replies that it is “a new author and a Danish”.

This is a reference to the Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen, a writer, who was also responsible for writing The Snow Queen. This is the text of 1844, served as the creative inspiration for the entire franchise Had already had paid tribute to Andersen, by the names of the characters from ” Frozen Hans and Kristoff.

This point is not in reference to the only Hans Christian Andersen. It also calls for another book that’s iconic, that Andersen wrote it, it’s Disney, you know.

In the book, the father of Allen’s reading has the cover which consists of a silhouette of a mermaid is indicating that it is reading The Little Mermaid of Andersen. Written in 1837, The Little Mermaid has been adapted into a musical, animated by Disney in 1989.

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The explicit connection between Frozen and The Little Mermaid, you can take the Disney fans in a frenzy, speculating about the possibility of a future merger between the two properties. This is speculation, it should be discarded, since it is only for a reference.

Nothing in this scene indicates that there is a real version of This is in addition to the pages of the book to Anderson. For now, it’s a nod to the legacy of literary works from a contemporary novel, rather than an indication of the version of Ariel from Disney’s it’s a part of the canon of the universe in Darkness.

Even so, it is a time that Disney recognizes that the two princesses, animated in the most famous sharing a connection, noted by Hans Christian Andersen. If Disney ever wanted to show off This world of Darkness, this is a small detail of a Frozen 2 could be used in order to justify, retrospectively, the presence of the person.