Influenced by Demi Lovato, Julie Jewel, he speaks of entry into a career in music, and it shows maturity on “forever”


In the scenario of the brazilian pop has been growing year after year, and there is no need for statistics robust streaming in order to prove the claim. Just look at the number of young people accepting an almost instant in the audience quite accustomed to over the years, to use it almost strictly to what came out of it. The import from pop’s past in Brazil and a new wave of young talents to renew and thicken the lists is 100% domestic. We’re concerned about the quality.

This One’s Easy.

Julia, Gem, 19-year-old is the one who is trying to find her space. Influenced by Demi Lovato, the rio de janeiro has invested in his music since the age of 11, and took lessons in guitar and piano. On the 17th of April, it has released the latest in the range of the work, and an opportunity for you to get to know him or her: “For Ever”.

“I’m very happy with. The clip came out, and I am here rebuilding”, we said, clearly moved after the throw-in. A few days later, “like” already has a more than 240-thousand views on YouTube. The video, recorded at the quarantine, and the cell phone, it was the idea of the singer herself. “The idea for the clip came up on a call. We thought of doing something like it was in a video call, in order to connect with the people. I did party with my friends for a video chat, each and every one, drinking and celebrating in your home, and getting along in the way that you can. The concept for the clip to be a video call, and to put a number of people in the house, it was a beautiful solution. It ended up being a message of love in general. Even with all this distance, all the people, without being able to go out together, the friendship, and the feeling is strong, will remain,” he said.

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“Forever” is the second song of the project was to release one song per month. The project is sequential, it started in march with a “Better” project, a partnership with the young singer-songwriter and musician Anchietx.

The sound is created by a Julie-inspired to direct the power to make Camila Cabello, Dua Lipa, Tori Kelly, and the Iza in between the artists. However, it was Demi the one who made the singer decide that music would be his career path. “It was because of the documentary of Demi Lovato that’s how I decided to get into the music, my biggest inspiration of your life. She released a documentary film in 2017, with the ‘Simply Complicated’, and then when it ended I was in tears, and I said ‘dude, do I need to do this in my life”, said in an interview. Before you watch the video, it goes over the behind the scenes of the career of Demi, Julia, was a student in to the World, he was thinking of doing a tour (maybe you said it and almost left the country to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, in the United States, which has already received the students, such as Melissa Etheridge, Diana Krall, Charlie Puth and co. House. The English language is sharp also for the exchange that Julia is also a risk writing in a language such as a version of “Feeling Good” (Nina Simone), “Expectations” (Lauren Jauregui) “Shallow” (Lady Gaga), and the copyright infringement is “Breaking the Rules” is also being released by the djs, the chilean FLAK for the year 2020.

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“Breaking the Rules” is the second collaboration of the Julia’s with the FLAK. Last year, the duo released “First Words”, which opened the door for a female singer in the united states. On the side of a friend now, and she came to a stop at Lollapalooza in Chile, and brought back a vision of the market for the artist, who concludes with the acceptance of the young men and women. “I’m so glad that it looks like a change of scenery, you know? In the letters, the way one is positioned today, it has a lot of power. Is obvious that he still has a lot to it, but the movement is now much bigger. There has been a shift in the scene too big, and I’ll get to be a part of the power to pass on a message of empowerment and show you what we can, being new, being a woman, even in a studio full of men, with a band of only a man, to spend this is a very, very good. The people who inspire me are the Iza and Carol Biazin. I am in love with it, I’d love to do a ‘feat’ with her,” she said in an interview.

While the releases “forever”, Julia continued with the plan. “I’m looking for various foundations to write to the disc,” she told us all about it when the subject is Dua Lipa, another kind of inspiration. “I very much doubt any of the album to surpass the one of Two Lipa at this time. It was something very different, but at the same time, the look on her face”, and told us about the “Future of Nostalgia” prior to the release of a cover version of “Break My Heart”.

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“Is complicated, so we don’t know how it’s going to stay with the situation. The studio is closed and I don’t have my equipment at home to do the recording, then, in the beginning, I don’t have an answer to your question about future releases, but for the month of April, we were able to launch the ‘For Ever’, and we can get the planning done. But I hope it’s all right. On the first day of that talk can get out of the house, I’m going to the studio”, a joke.

Video) Uncut: Julia’s Jewels

For you to find out more about Julia, we talked to the singer about the beginning of his career, his inspiration in Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello, her encounter with Fifth Harmony, co-operation with the Money, and the latest single “For Always”.