Lady Gaga is shocked with the parent who is asking for financial assistance


Lady Gaga is “confounded” with the attitude of the father, Joe Germanotta. The information is Often of Six.

The singer-and-actress would have been caught by surprise when I found out that the father has created a great online. The reason why? To ask for the money to pay the staff in the restaurant to him, the Joanne Trattoria.

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Joe asked about the$ 50 billion for the payment of the restaurant that is located in New York city (USA). It is not affected by the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19).

The amount would have to cover the payments for a couple of weeks. The fans rose up in revolt, at once, that Lady Gaga has earned over US$ 39 billion by 2019.

The Author of Six ensures that you, Lady Gaga, and mother, Cynthia, have prevented Joe from continuing with the kitty in as soon as they learned of the act.

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“He was left to his own devices, the urge really bad,” said the website.

After all the criticism that Joe has deleted the page with the kitty a Go Fund Me. The explanation for this is that the father-of-Lady-Gaga could have imagined action as a way to get in on the trend of solidarity in the view of the all around the world.

“It was a mistake, an embarrassment. He saw other people getting in the spirit of solidarity, and he thought that it fit the situation. It was more in the mind than to think that he needed or deserved help. It was the impulse of it,” said the website.

Lady Gaga has not commented publicly on the lawsuit.

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