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Get to know some of the famous ones who don’t eat meat, and they are activists for the animal Credit: Instagram

The concern is with the power supply, and the environment has made people to rethink their eating habits, and one of them is the consumption of the flesh of the animal. For this reason, vegetarianism and veganism have gained more and more fans. And in the world of the celebrity is not that different. In the following, Glamurama list of all the celebs around the world who don’t eat meat, and they are advocates for the animals.

Paul McCartney

Paul has been a vegan most famous in the world, and is a fan of this style of living since the 1970’s. At that time, the practice was not very common, but the singer has always done in campaigns, including the ‘meatless Mondays’, which has been adopted all over the world.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo DiCaprio is a vegetarian and activist for environmental issues. The actor’s for years, engaged in the cause, and to assist in campaigns for the protection and preservation of the environment. DiCaprio has produced a documentary Series on the theme of ‘Cowspiracy,’ and also, if you become a member of some of the companies in the foods, veg.

Giovanna Ewbank

The author is a vegetarian or vegan ever since 2015, when he began the process of adopting their first child, a daughter, Titi. She made a promise that he would stop eating meat-to get it right. The resolution of this story we already know, and that Role is yet to be eating meat today.

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I can finally tell you guys…💗 for the @disney-I made a call, and from today on, I will be an ambassador for, and representarei all of the Disney princesses in the united states! I am very honored and excited to represent this franchise, which is a part of life, and the childhood of all of us, the story and the characters ‘ personalities are so awesome and amazing that you both represent us and influence us in many different ways. The most important thing to me, not only for the memory of love, is to see the evolution of the avatar, which have always been powerful women, and those whose strength right now, with the passing of the years, and we can know how women are always one step ahead of our time!!! Being a princess has nothing to do with politeness or having good manners. It has to do with consistency, and freedom, and an understanding of their views. The princesses are made up of the values, and even appearance. And this is when it is understood, will give us the strength, giant. #APequenaSereia30anos #DisneyPrincesa #LuauDaAriel @OhMyDisneyBR

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Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is a vegetarian for decades and a living warning about the beef industry. In addition to this, there is a misconception that africa is very, very disappointed when they see the children eating red meat.

Bruna Marquezine

Bruna Marquezine announced that in 2016 it has become a vegetarian and ever since then, the pursuit of a healthy life style and respect for the animals.

Rodrigo Santoro

Already, Rodrigo Santoro decided to take the series when they came into the relationship with Him Jabour a few years ago. The actor adopted the diet out first, leaving the red meat and then put chicken and fish.

Joaquin Phoenix

Actually the movie “the Joker”, Joaquin is a vegan since her childhood. The actor is also an activist for the cause. By supporting PETA’s (an NGO which fights against cruelty to all animals), there are only a few months had stamped them with a billboard that said, “We are all animals (we are all animals).


She was already vegetarian, and only in 2018, has made the point that if you become a vegan. What led you to the eternal Queen of Shorties to make that decision, it was respect for animals and their health, as well as the influence of her Junno Andrade.

Jared Leto

The actor and singer is a vegan, 20 years ago, and it is said that the good-looking design is because of the diet, with no meat.