Opening Dumbo, and a good movie with Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore.


Tim Burton is an adaptation for children of the Disney cartoon, and while the actors steal the show in a Vox, Lux and Gloria Bell

There are eleven debuts on Thursday (28), and a knock-out. It is expected, Dumbo, version action, and free from the director, Tim Burton for the Disney cartoon, from 1941. The sight is breathtaking, and the little elephants still cute. The director, however, has been limited to his film to the children.

For an audience of adult, there are several options in getting to the movies. Natalie Portman is great, living the pop-star troublesome in the Voice of Lux – The Price of Fame, and Julianne Moore, shows a lightness and grace in the Glory of the Bell remake the u.s.-chile’s Gloria.

Those who “live” in social networks, the recommendation is to provide for the revealing documentary film, The Cleaners. And then there’s the return of the officer-of-The countryman, on acid, comedy, argentina, My Masterpiece.

Check out the premiere this Thursday (the 28th). To read the review, click on the name of the movie.

Anthony, A Two, A Three


Gloria Bell

Happy Hour – Truth and Consequences


My Masterpiece

The Rebellion

The Cleaners

An Unexpected Journey

On the go

Vox Ro – The Price of Fame