Photo Demi Rose and the stunning dress that can’t hide their rear


Demi Rose new account has become the protagonist of social networking with one of his photographs, which looks really elegant and as a few times with a dress that can’t hide his huge rear.

The dress in question is long, dark and elegant, quite entalladito by what it achieves allow the delight of the beautiful anatomy of the model.

Demi posed in profile to the camera, giving enhancement to your rear and with her beautiful face that adds a touch of innocence to the image.

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The photo was shared on the official account of Instagram of Demi Rose for 22 hours and has already more than 300 thousand likes; plus a huge amount of hearts, kisses and other to the beautiful woman.

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Recently, Demi left her followers to the brink of collapse when sharing an image where models in lingerie transparent and assumes every one of its vuluptuosas curves.

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In the publication made in the same social network, that looks really spectacular, combining lingerie with a jacket of red and some dark glasses that highlighted his personality.

Demi is one of the granted in social networks for their contrasting beauty, a body of infarct with a face angelic and a few poses daring.