‘Project Cinderella’ Adaptation with Camila Cabello gets the date of the premiere in Brazil


The new adaptation of the classic tale ‘Cinderella’that is being carried out by the Sony Picturesgained its premiere in movie theatres nationally.

“ByProject Cinderella‘ the film had its international premiere is scheduled for On February 4, 2021 a day prior to the day of the premiere in the united states.

The singer-and-actress Camila Cabello you will live in the character’s name. Billy Porter, The it will be a Fairy Godmother, Bruklin Menzel he shall live, Lady Tremaine, Nicholas Galitzine will it be Robert Pierce Brosnan it will give life to the King.

Maddie Baillio and Charlotte Spencer you will live with the sisters in Cinderella. Baillio’s is known for starring in the event of ‘Hairspray, Live!’the The showwhile Spencer has made a guest appearance in the tv series The Living and the Dead’.

The new version of the ‘“There is‘ it’s been described as a re-interpretation of the modern classic, the fairy-tale. The album James Corden as an executive producer on the feature, it would have been the author of the original idea. In addition to it, Leo Pearlman you take on the role of the producer on the label Fulwell 73.

The project is written and directed by Kay Cannon (‘The Perfect Choice‘).

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