White | Tom Holland, gives you clues to the story of the movie


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Even though it has been advertised for a long time, and the film’s in the franchise White you will reach the theatres very soon.

Tom Holland, the actor who’ll play the role of Nathan Drake the protagonist of the game, it has updated fans on the adaptation of and he told me that it is a story of the origin of the main character.

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The film has already been delayed several times,because of their problems in the process of its production. But the bad phase has passed and the project is now in a better shape today.

“I don’t think that Lego offers, which the majority of the films, video games don’t offer. A history of the origin, prior to the events of the game.”, “said Holland.

“Well, then, if you’ve played the game, you do not see what is going to happen in the movie. And if you haven’t played it, you’ll like the movie, because that’s what everyone is getting at the same time. I’m super excited for this movie, and it has been a very long time. ”he added.

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When he was asked about the screenplay, by Joe Carnahan, the Holland seemed to be absolutely delighted with the results so far. “I’ve read the latest draft of the script, and it’s one of the best scripts I have ever read. It really jumps of the page.” praise for the actor.

Mark Wahlberg has also been cast in the film, and it will give you the life of the mentor to Nathan Drake, and Victor Sullivan. The character is very much loved by the fans, and for this reason it will be important for him to do well. Tom Holland, also paid tribute to the actor.

“I don’t think that Mark Wahlberg is going to be a good Attractive and is going to be a lot of fun”you mentioned Holland.

Now, the film is expected to be launched on the day March 05, 2021 to see the world. But Sony has not yet named a director for the project, with Reuben Fleischer, the principal’s name.

The film will take place before Uncharted: Golden Abyss. This time it was not really explored in the game, which means it is the adventure in Holland, it will be brand new.

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