Actress, Angels in the Night and it starts in 2020 with a kiss on the amiga, and it draws attention on the social networks


Kate Beckinsale, known for films ” Angels in the Night, he began to 2020, with all of the social networks. The actress, 46-year-old has released pictures of a kiss in the friend, Lawrence Miller.

The fans loved the video. This wasn’t the only one kiss, “famous the actress in the new year. She also kissed Pete Davidson dealer, after the comedian finished up with the Aryan Great.

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Happy New Year to you all around the world. That is the kiss of the new Year’s eve to be with someone you are committed to oral hygiene as it was mine,” he wrote in the past.

Check out the video below.

Of late, the american actress, is most remembered for the post to your social networks. In the film, the famous, had the most notable works.

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The last work of Kate Beckinsale in the franchise, the Angels of the Night and he was in the War of the Blood, and the fifth in the series was released at the end of 2016. Even before that, the actress has been in The Aviator (2004) and Pearl Harbor (2001).

The latest Angels in the Night is available on Netflix. For the time being, the police should be more movies.