Amber Heard wears montage by Jason Momoa, a friend of Aquaman to make an attack upon the censorship of Instagram


Amber Heard, criticized the Instagram on the platform after you have the picture censored. The image is advised by the social network, the character of Aquaman’s got one.

For the prick in the social network, the famous, he used a photo of Jason Momoa, who lives in the Tempest in theaters. In the assembly, he gets the same jacket, which She Heard used in the image is censored and the chest out.

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“To honor the rules of rigorous, fair and transparent against the exposure of the breast and female. Once again, my nipple gets the same privileges as their male counterparts. I’ve decided to honour them, to me anyway, in a picture with respect to these rules, care of the nakedness and gender,” he wrote in the past.

The famous ” if it proved to be very angry with the social networking site. After that, he apologized to Jason Momoa for the use of a picture of him.

“Thank You, Instagram. And finally, I dedicate this to 2019! In fact, I love my husband, Aquaman! Sorry to have used your six-pack to defend my argument, it finished a Amber Heard.

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The Instagram has not yet issued a decision following the review. Check out the pictures below.

Amber Heard should be back in Aquaman 2, with the premiere scheduled for the 16th of December, in the year 2022.

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