Camila Cabello wore overalls with a tendency to diferentona in the presentation


The piece is bold, he had only one leg and one sleeve. Hi?

This week Camila Cabello (it rocks when it comes to confidence, when it’s time to dress up) had a daring look in a slide show. She Shameless he chose a black suit a sexy mix of materials such as lace and leather, and come with a detail, a very different design: only a leg and a sleeve on each side.

The piece was divided in the middle by a zipper, making the modeling of the bustier and the application of the glitter on one of the sides, and a jacket in the other. She even completed the look with a choker, black lace gloves, tights, and boots.

Camila Cabello wearing overalls ~diferentão~ lace and leather, with only one leg and one sleeve

Camila Cabello wearing overalls ~diferentão~ lace and leather, with just the one leg, and a sleeve (Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

This is not the first time that we see a visual ~half and half~ like this one. The sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner they had already wagered on overall, that brought the trend to the controversywho has also appeared on a few catwalks during the Fashion week in New York city in the year of.

What do you think of the look?