Chris Hemsworth “burn the shirt” in the video, and it shows that it is no longer I fat

In the Stars: Ultimate, the one I came up with a completely different look and feel. Because of the extra character came to be called “I, fatty”.

Chris Hemsworth is not gained to the paper, just used it for a costume special. However, the star is keen to show that it is working to stay in shape.

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On Twitter, the actor has released a video for working out on the sun. The star of the Marvel comic to play, that’s the shirt, it caught on fire.

“It was so hot that my shirt will literally be burnt out, lucky I’m wearing my shorts of choice to slow down the fire. I have spent over six times by this circuit,” said the actor. Check it out below.

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Chris Hemsworth is back for Me: Love and Thunder, the fourth film in the tank. In the Marvel comics, it still doesn’t deliver what the version of God of Thunder, will be in the long.

The film will arrive on November 5, 2021.