Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen, talks about what it was your dragon, favorite in GOT


Emilia Clarke he asked several people if they “they“so she’s in Game of Thronesbut when she met with a member of the royal family, it was time for it. And it’s not a lie.

In the year 2018, the actress and 33-year-old, who played the mother of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, and found Britain’s Prince William in the Kensington palace during the event Centrepoint’s Awardsin which she was one of the presenters.

When asked by the Vanity Fair if it is asked for by the Duke of Cambrigde, if “bow“, Clarke said: “theNo, I had to kneel down“.

You will have to do the whole deal. Can’t turn your back, you have to make a reference, you have to say “Royal Highness”, or something like thatit, ” she said. “I have struggled with this. But I should have [ter pedido]. I don’t think he’s watched the series“.

But that’s where she’s wrong! In the fall of 2017, Kate Middleton and William confirmed in an interview with the BBC Radio 1 that is, they are going to be Game of Thrones and that -“it’s worth watching“in the series.

In another part of the interview (which included a lie detector), Clarke was questioned about whether he really was “the mother of dragons“. It is also revealed, which one is your favorite.

Drogon is like my son, actuallyit, ” she said. “When the three were born, and I think it was the first“.

While being questioned about where he has been since the end of the series, ” Emilia said: “I like to think of it, it was on the big island of Hawaii. I know that there is a special place where all the dragons are going to [que está nos livros]“.

Or does it fly through the oceans of the world. Crying“, she says.