Exitoína · Jennifer Lopez has revealed that it will show in a separate Video in the Super Bowl In 2020: “… But we’ll do something together”


The singer has also confirmed that the presentation will have the songs in both Spanish and English

With the Super Bowl in 2020 is getting closer, and Jennifer Lopez talked a little bit about the event, which will feature performances by her, and She’s in Miami on the 2nd of February.

In an interview with the program On CBS This Morningshe has revealed that it will show separately on the colombian superstar, but they will be together at some point.

“I’ve never done a song with Shakira. We’re not really practicing together, it’s going to make a show of it, I’m going to make my own, but we’ll do something together, yeah, sure,” he said.

The star of The Coup-makers also confirmed that the apresetnação you have songs in both English and Spanish. “It will be a little bit of both. It’s in Miami, and we are the artists of the Latin, we will take this to the taste, and it is encouraging and it is something new that has never been done in another Super Bowl,” he reported.

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“He’s got a bigger audience, you have to have such a great production. You don’t do it in the road. It is all a matter of budget,” he said. “It’s a different experience, and it is a fantasy for all those music artists to be able to play in the Super Bowl, and you have 12 minutes of an amazing show,” he said. Check out the interview:

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